About Us

TrustSure is a website that allows people to leave reviews & ratings for businesses or websites – positive or negative.

It’s completely FREE to leave reviews and even Add A New Listing for a business or website. You don’t even need to tell the business or website, you can just Add A New Listing and leave your review.

You can add a listing or leave a review anonymously if you wish. However, there may be times we cannot approve your review if it doesn’t meet our guidelines.

All reviews are solely the opinion of the users that submitted them.

TrustSure moderates reviews before they are posted. However, we usually reject reviews that breach our guidelines (which we do not publish). All other reviews get posted, regardless of their accuracy or genuineness.

TrustSure cannot fact-check any claims made by individuals in their reviews, and  we assume that all reviews are submitted by genuine users giving their own personal opinions.

For this reason, any visitor reading reviews on our website should not automatically assume they’re accurate, truthful, or are posted by customers or genuine users. This is the same with ALL review sites regardless of what anyone tells you.


A ‘listing’ is a page dedicated to a particular business or website.

TrustSure allows any individual to create a listing for any business or website for  FREE. Once this listing is approved and added to our website, anyone is free to submit reviews (not all listings or reviews get approved).

TrustSure also allows business and website owners to Add A New Listing for their OWN business or website for FREE.

This is useful if they want to start collecting their own customer reviews. However, once this listing is added to the site, ANYONE is free to submit reviews. The business or website owner CANNOT moderate the reviews (unless they claim the listing, giving them the ability to reject or remove reviews, add their own reviews, or even delete the entire listing page).


TrustSure will not usually remove individual reviews unless there is a compelling reason to do so. We will not reply to any emails asking us to remove any reviews. If you think a review should be removed for any reason, you should submit a removal request. That is the procedure to follow.


A listing can only be removed by the person that has claimed it.

If nobody has claimed a listing, you should CLAIM IT as your own and THEN ask for its removal.

We will usually ignore requests by anyone asking for it to be removed, so please do not waste your time.

If a listing has already been claimed by someone else and you want it removed, you should contact them directly as they own the content on that page – or you can ask us for contact details of the claimant, and we will then pass your request on to the claimant directly, or ask them to contact you directly.

We will not reply to any emails simply asking us/threatening us to remove any listings. If you want to get a listing page removed, you should CLAIM IT and ask us to delete it.