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A ‘listing’ is a page dedicated to a particular business or website.

TrustSure allows any individual to create a listing for any business or website for FREE. Once this listing is approved and added to our website, anyone is free to submit reviews (not all listings or reviews get approved).

TrustSure also allows business and website owners to Add A New Listing for their OWN business or website for FREE.

This is useful if they want to start collecting their own customer reviews. However, once this listing is added to the site, ANYONE is free to submit reviews. The business or website owner CANNOT moderate the reviews (unless they claim the listing, giving them the ability to reject or remove reviews, add their own reviews, or even delete the entire listing page).


Use the form below to request a new listing is added to our site. If approved, it will be added within 48 hours and you will find it on the site by searching for it. Not all submissions will get approved and we cannot answer any messages asking ‘why’ if your submission did not get approved. If your listing doesn’t show up after 48 hours, you should assume it was not approved.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you submit a listing and it gets approved, this does not give you any rights to moderate the listing page or the reviews that may appear on it. If you want moderation rights (including the ability to ask us to delete reviews or even the entire listing page) you must also ‘claim the listing’ HERE.