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Sector: Health & Fitness
Location: 22 Angerstein Park, SE10 0RT
Also Known As: GFP, GreenwichFP
Owned By: Adam Ringshall
Excellent 9.7 (out of 10)
8 Reviews and Ratings

Would definitely recommend!
Published: A few days ago
Excellent gym with very helpful and friendly staff. Met the owner, Adam, great guy who really knows his stuff. Clean environment and very happy members. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking at Gyms in Greenwich.
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GFP is THE place to train.
Published: 26th
The most motivating and professional gym I have EVER trained at! The PT’s are friendly, approachable and know their stuff. The group classes are ALIVE and energy buzzes. If you want to get the most from your training and value your health and fitness then GFP is THE place to train.
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I love the atmosphere and the buzz.
Published: 15th
I would not hesitate to recommend this great place to anybody, I love the atmosphere and the buzz. The trainers are friendly and really helpful and I have always found them extremely encouraging.
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Definitely the best gym I’ve been to!
Published: in
Such a quality gym, the vibe here is wicked the staff and members are so friendly and so easy to talk to and the best thing about GFP is that i never have to wait for any of the weights they’re always available. Definitely the best gym I’ve been to!
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Staff and Personal Trainers are excellent.
Published: in
Greenwich Fitness and Performance is by far the best gym I have ever been to, and is without doubt one of the best gyms in Greenwich and South-east London!

The staff and personal trainers are excellent and extremely motivational towards the members/clients.

The owner Adam is an inspiration towards the industry, his knowledge and customer interaction is second to none and what he doesn’t know about the industry simply isn’t worth knowing!

The facilities/machines & equipment in the gym is outstanding too, there is huge variety to choose from which again reflects the knowledge of the owner.

The general ‘vibe’ in the gym is really good too, all ego’s are left at the door – all members are really friendly!

Very happy with coming here!
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Brilliant training facility
Published: in
Brilliant training facility focused on achieving results – not a treadmill in sight – love it – I’d recommend anyone training here, expert trainers who are head & shoulders above places like fitness first!
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The perfect gym
Published: in 
The gym that all other gyms should strive to be. Excellent facilities, knowledgeable and friendly staff and fellow members who are respectful and train properly. With a focus on helping you to achieve your goals, no matter whether you are trying to loose fat, build muscle, or recover from injury.

The perfect gym whether you’re a beginner, an experienced gym rat, or a professional sports person.
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Looked great, but didn’t phone me back
Published: over a year ago
This gym looked like the perfect place for me to train. It’s close to me and easy to get to with free parking which is a bonus. The only problem was, I left a message on their answer phone out of hours, but nobody bothered to call me back!

>> Reply from Adam @ GreenwichFP
Hi Claire, i’m sorry to hear you couldn’t contact us but i’m a bit confused because we don’t have an answer phone – so are you sure it was our gym that you left a message for? I can assure you we return all calls when people leave their correct number and request a call back. You can contact me directly on 0208 293 3418 if you want to get in touch, or email
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