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Great magic website!!
Published: A few days ago
This site is awesome! Can’t believe they got the secrets to some of the most famous magic tricks and illusions. David Copperfields flying illusion, Criss Angel and David Blaine levitation, Penn and Teller & lots more. Love it!
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Love the website and free tricks!
Published: 26th
I signed up to join this site for access to free magic tricks. I didn’t get access right away though, because I didn’t realise I had to click the confirmation link in the welcome email they sent me. But after I did that, I got in and was really happy with the tricks I was able to learn, got some unique ones I hadn’t seen before.
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Well laid out magic site
Published: 15th
For once a magic site that doesn’t try to sell you magic tricks! Well laid out magic site with tricks and explanations, reveals, how to’s and more – all for free! You have to join to get in, but it’s well worth it. There is a section for paid members but it’s so cheap… the cost of one magic trick on other magic sites gets you access to loads in here.
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Surprised what they’re giving away for free!
Published: in
I’m a free member and was really surprised what they’re giving away for FREE! Other websites would definitely charge you for some of this stuff. Highly recommended!
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It has tons of magic tricks
Published: in
I was invited to review this website as i’ve been a member for a couple of years. If you’re looking for magic tricks, then this is the place. It has tons of magic tricks, showing you demos, and explanations. Many are free, you just need to join. If you want to pay a small fee to access some of the premium content you can do that too but i’m happy with the free stuff.
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A really unique magic website
Published: in
A really unique magic website where they don’t sell any magic tricks or post any of their own tricks. I believe this is why it’s free. They allow the users to submit their own tricks and post them on the site. Obviously many times people are posting other peoples tricks, so if the site gets a complaint they remove it (which they seem really good at!). However new tricks get added all the time and it’s a great place to learn.
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They teach magic tricks for free
Published: in
I love this website. They teach magic tricks for free and they have loads of them. It’s all laid out in an easy way to understand and view. It’s not outdated like a lot of other magic sites.
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Lots of magic tricks with videos
Published: in
I came across this website by accident from a youtube video and thank god I found it! It’s brilliant! Lots of magic tricks with VIDEO demos and reveals, all for free. Most stuff is available on other sites like youtube but this site has collected them together and labelled them in an easy to find manner. This is a must for any newbies!
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Recommend it for wannabe magicians
Published: in
I was asked to post my review of this website, so here goes. First of all, it’s a members site (it’s free to join). When you join you get access to lots of magic tricks that other people have posted to the site. It’s like a community where you can share magic tricks. Tricks get removed quickly if they’re commercial products though, or if the author complains. Most tricks are already on youtube and other sites. What this website does well though, is present the tricks in a really good way. Easy to find, easy to understand. It’s not like other magic sites i’ve seen. I would give it 4 out of 5 for sure, and recommend it to wannabe magicians out there.
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Totally rocks!!
Published: over 12 months ago
This site totally rocks! They’ve got tricks i’ve not seen anywhere else. You can submit your own tricks and share them, or just use it as a resource for learning like I do 🙂
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